Shockers 18 Gold

Haley Randall
Position:SS, 2B, OF
School:Northgate H.S.
Verbal/Commit:Currently Uncommitted

Player Information:

Haley is a high school junior that will be graduating from high school in 2019.  She currently attends Northgate High School located in Walnut Creek, CA. and is an integral part of Northgate’s varsity softball team. Haley primarily plays Shortstop but can play both middle infield positions equally well.  She has above average range and a very strong arm and is able to make very accurate throws when fielding the ball on the run. Haley can also play all three Outfield positions and has great ball judgement and exceptional range when fielding fly balls.  She is very speedy on the bases and primarily hits for average and is able to place the ball very well.

Haley’s Player Profile:

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